LTA Operator’s License

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Hey drivers,

If you would like to get your very own, personalized LTA Operator’s license, please comment in the post in the box provided below. Please include:

• Preferred Name (Doesn’t have to be your real name)

• Routes You Enjoy (Route Numbers Please)

Once i’m notified of your comment, please wait about 24 hours before your license is provided on this page. You will be informed via e-mail, (to the one provided in the comment box) when your license is posted.

LTA Operators License

LTA Operators License

Austin Winters Licence

Austin Winters Licence

Carlos Garcia Licence

Carlos Garcia Licence

Jordan Masters Licence

Jordan Masters Licence

Kyle Baptie Licence

Kyle Baptie Licence

Levi Ernst Licence

Levi Ernst Licence

Liam Lord Licence

Liam Lord Licence

Luke Johnson Licence

Luke Johnson Licence

Marshall Cruise Licence

Marshall Cruise Licence

Michael Roberts Licence

Michael Roberts Licence

Robert Leach Licence

Robert Leach Licence

Tom Reynolds Licence

Tom Reynolds Licence

Brandon Tyler Licence

Brandon Tyler Licence


99 Responses to LTA Operator’s License

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  2. James says:


    ROUTE#’S 117 35 31 28A

  3. Hey James,

    Your operator’s license is posted above. Happy travels!

  4. James says:

    hey thank you i got the license

  5. Good afternoon, Here is my License info

    Last Name First Name

    Scott, Rogelio

    Routes: 35, 31, 11, 32, 12A Hybrid, 22, Series 800

  6. Hey Rogelio,

    Your operator’s license is posted above. Happy travels!

  7. Thank you!!! I appreciate this!!

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  9. Felix says:

    Hey… Your site is F!$@?NG cool!!!!

    I would like to have a license please:

    Full Name

    Felix Godbout

    And my routes Are:

    117,28A,35, 31, 11, 32, 12A Hybrid, 22, Series 800

    …. OR… Just Put : ALL ROUTES or the mention ” SUPERVISOR ” It would be appreciate….. Mostly Supervisor…

    Thanks alot and Happy new year…:)


  10. Hey Felix,

    Your license is available! As for a supervisor license, I will be preparing a page and package for you regarding when those will be available as well as what is the responsibilities of a Supervisor will be.

  11. Felix says:

    GREAT:) Thanks

  12. Robert LEACH says:

    Name: LEACH, Robert

    Routes: Airport Express, Suffolk, Aeropark & Bohan, 800 Series, Broker Wharf Charter

    Also LTA Supervisor

  13. james says:

    may i get a supervisor license

  14. Metalmonster says:


    My name:


    Put just every route on Supervisor

    Thanks a lot


  15. Thank you for all of the requests for LTA licenses! Unfortunately, the font which was used to make the plates and the templates themselves are being restored following a computer crash! Hang in there though, they will be updated this weekend.


  16. Metalmonster says:

    do you get anything. That is something i dont want

  17. It’s just a fictional card to go along with your in-game experience 🙂

  18. Hey Robert,

    Your license is published! Please indicate that you have recieved the notification!

  19. Shanden Davis says:

    Hey, at the moment i know how to do the 28a UNIVERSITY route in the Twenty-Eight series. I can also do charter runs aswell, later on after i get used to all the different routes, i could do much more (:


    p.s. my gamer tag is ‘shando0’ on live.

  20. King Flips says:

    Bus Routes

    Student Exams,
    Route 17 (mine) – Broker Bus Depot – Huntington Street – Stilwater Ave – Liberty State Towers – Cleves Ave – Station Sq – Savana Avenue – Hancock Street – Hewes Street – Concord Ave – Hooper Street – Broker Bus

  21. Could you map your route King Flips? Looks like it’s a good one!

  22. King Flips says:

    Sure. Two things…a) where do i make it, like map software, and b) who do i send it to?

  23. You can use MS Paint and leave a link on the comments page!

    Shanden, I will add your License very soon, keep a watch on the page!

  24. King Flips says:

    This is the URL…sorry if it is in the wrong location..there are two routes, the second (D) which is the morning only route at 6am via the airport

  25. Robert LEACH says:


  26. shando says:

    Hey, at the moment i know how to do the 28a UNIVERSITY, i can do charters, and i have some of my own routes i have worked on too, i call them smartROUTES, if it is okay with you, could i run a subsidary under ur group with a few drivers called LTA smartROUTES?, if thats fine with you ofcourse?

    thankss maan

    p.s. my gamer tag is ’shando0′ on live.

  27. james says:

    yes that is fine with me

    PS i dont not have a xbox live

  28. Killian Starrs says:

    Hi, I was wondering if You could email me with infro on
    A. How You operate, Like do you’s join one server at the same time on XbL

    B.Are you strict with routes, e.g if i missed a route if im unable to get onto the server will i be warned to be careful.

    C.Are there Timetables?

  29. CHADB3LOIN says:

    Name: Beloin, Chad
    Route 30 ~ Delaware
    Route 31 ~ Broker Wharf
    Route 32 ~ Museum
    Route 33(D) ~ Meadows Park
    Route 34 ~ East Broker
    Route 35 ~ Charge Island
    Route 36 ~ Franklin-Morris
    Route 37 ~ Seneca
    Route 38(A)(E) ~ Hove Beach
    Route 39 ~ Willis

    Thanks. Just choose a random reasonable set! thanks.

  30. Hey Chad,

    Check out your LTA Licence, it is now posted above! Enjoy!

  31. Nathan says:

    Name, Wyllie, Nathan
    Ps3 ID: Scania09
    B84 Towards Alderney Heliport via Easton Terminal,
    B84 Towards Waterfront(Liberty City) via Star Junction

  32. Jamie PSN-JHFOX13 says:

    Hillman, Jamie


    (ALL) if thats possible

  33. Brok says:


    Route 34(A)(E) ~ East Bohan
    Route 50(B) – Bohan Local


  34. marquis says:

    i need a LTA licence 2 heres my info my ps3 ID IS RIO MY FULL NAME IS MARQUIS TERELL DOY AND MY ROUTES ARE ROUTE 100, ROUTE 44 ROUTE 117, ROUTE 20, 24,25,27

  35. shando says:

    Hey, at the moment i know how to do quite a few routes, i can do charters, and i have some of my own routes i have worked on too, i call them smartROUTES, if it is okay with you, could i run a subsidiary under ur group with a few drivers called smartBUS?, if thats fine with you of course?

    thankss maan

    p.s. my gamer tag is ’shando0′ on live

    CARD NAME: Shaandoo Davis

  36. Tom Reynolds says:

    I would like a license please dude

  37. Michael says:

    I wish to have a liscense please (Michael Roberts)

  38. jordan says:

    i require my opareters licence i drive route 38 38a 10 20 25 28a 23 27 27a my gamer tag is spartanBigJ18

  39. kyle says:

    please may i have a licence i drive route 23, 24, 28a, 28b, 28c, 28d, 28e, 28n, 32, 33, 44, 49, 110. I can still lear more if you want me to. my Psn is kylebaptie on my licence can my name be W33 BAPTIZER please. if not Kyle Baptie will do. and PLease add me

  40. mistert0715 says:

    my i have a licence
    my name is taylor brandon
    i dirve route 9 and 15e

  41. Xclusive93 (PSN ID) says:

    First Name: Marshall
    Last Name: Cruise
    Routes: 704X, 28D, and 21

    My PSN ID is: Xclusive93

  42. Levi says:

    Hey, I would like a license please! 🙂

    Preferred First Name: Levi
    Preferred Last Name: Ernst
    Routes: All (If possible)
    Xbox Live ID: TheSuperHate

  43. Liam says:

    First Name: Liam
    Last Name: Lord
    Routes: 10,11,19,20,21,22,31,38 and all charters
    PS3 ID: my PS3 ID is either littlelordy or -removed-

  44. Liam says:

    I would like to have my license please 🙂

    First Name: Liam
    Last Name: Lord
    Routes: 10,11,19,20,21,22,31,38 and all charters
    PS3 ID:littlelordy

  45. bugenz09 says:

    Hello, i would like to get a lisence please.

    First Name: Carlos
    Last Name: Garcia
    Routes: all and all charters
    Xbox 360: cargen5000

    thank you!

  46. Luke Johnson says:

    I would like a license too! 🙂

    First Name: Luke
    Last Name: Johnson
    Routes: (All), but mostly 9, 13, 19, 20, 22, 34A, 34E & 49
    Xbox Live Gamertag & PS3 ID: RelentlessTurd

  47. Robert Leach says:

    Hello there, I’m Robert, the PS3 Based Co-ordinator, and I require a renewal of my license.
    I drive shuttle services mainly, although as the PS3 Co-ordinator you can often find me zipping around finding relief drivers.

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  49. master jordan says:

    could i have be an supervisor plz i have worked for a long time here

  50. Matt Rendell says:


    All and All charters

    Ps3 ID = Matthew-R_1995

  51. Kyle baptie says:

    Psn kylebaptie
    all routes
    could the name on licence plz be
    Random Baptizer

  52. thomas clark says:

    i would like a license

    preferred name (first): Carlos

    preferred name (last): Lopez

    email: removed

    note: all letters in address are lower cased

  53. thomas clark says:

    routes: all routes in broker, dukes, and bohan

  54. ciaran says:

    Hi can i have a license please 🙂

    First Name: Ciaran
    Last Name: Smith
    Routes: all routes
    Xbox 360: Ciaran Smith

  55. Simon says:

    i would like a license



    all routes in bohan

  56. brenh11 says:

    hi brenh11 here can i get a licence
    first name=bren
    last name=harding
    happy to drive any route

  57. brenh11 says:

    try my new gtaiv bus site at
    just right click to go to my site

  58. Fred says:

    It’s a big route.
    61-Northern Gardens x Castle Gardens City
    Caterpillar st, worm st, lompoc ave, jackhammer st, Guatanamo st, rocket st, joliet st, hollowback st, san quentin ave, east borough bridge, harison st, dukes boulevard, munsee st, earp st, montauk st, sundance st, broker-dukes expressway, broker bridge, diamond st, columbus ave, barium st, danver ave, union drive west, castle drive.

    Going to northern gardens is the same, changing just this track:
    “sundance st, montauk st, dukes boulevard”.

  59. Alex Blundell says:



  60. Alex blundell says:

    Alex Blundell Routes: 21,19,9,117,50A,50B,38E,34A. Thankyou

  61. Fraser says:

    Hey, could you give me a supervisor Lisence as well, name is Fraser Lockhart and could you put down all routes as all of them are great. Can’t wait for more routes to come out and thanks for doing it in advance, Fraser.

  62. mistert0715 says:

    hi can i get a licence

    first mane: brandon

    last name:taylor

    happy to drive any route

  63. john forster says:

    name: John Forster
    routes: all

  64. Alex Blundell says:

    Alex Blundell all routes PSN blundells thankyou

  65. Oscar Rodriguez says:

    FIRST NAME: Oscar
    LAST NAME: Rodriguez

    ROUTES: All Routes please

    Thank you

  66. joewgc says:

    Hi I would like to become a driver,
    may someone come and teach me the routes via ps3 please
    my PSN ID IS: joewgc


  67. liam underwood says:

    i really really really really want to become a driver i like any route and plus im a ace driver im training at the moment but gradually learning the routes but there are some i havent tried yet but i will get round to doing them though- thanks

  68. Liam Underwood says:

    hi i would like a license please here is my info
    name: liam underwood
    routes: all

  69. liam underwood says:

    hi im wondering if im ever gonna get a license please
    name: liam underwood
    routes: all
    i might be on often but i play cod6 most of the time
    xbox live gamertag: goldfister1

  70. vlad1470 says:

    Name: Vlad
    Last Name: Melnyk
    Routes: All Routes
    Also: Supervisor Card if Possible
    Thank You Very Much

  71. afro1985 says:

    Application for LTA Operators licence.

    Name: Kearns, Alan
    Routes: all

    PS3 ID: afro_85 and alank1985

  72. derieck,ross says:

    doing the bus 30 is fun

  73. derieck,ross says:

    okokokokokokokokokokokopk lta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Johnathan Robinson says:

    I would like a license please. All routes please My name is John Robinson. Thanks

  75. Johnathan Robinson says:

    I would like a license please. All routes please My name is John Robinson. Thanks

  76. Ben brown says:

    All routes please

  77. David Copeland says:

    i would love a license please

    happy to drive any route

  78. justin brewington says:

    i would like a bus drivers licence i’ll take any route and i am happy to drive a brute 3000 is what they call it but is really a new flyer D40LF

  79. sean carroll says:

    hi i would like a licence please as i am very interested in being a driver for LTA i will do all services and routes my name is sean carroll thanks

  80. 117operator says:

    I would like to ask for a Operators License please. My details are as follows:

    Name: TOR, J
    Routes: All + My Own Routes


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