Discussion Board

Coming soon to the LTA, a discussion forum for drivers and passengers can discuss all issues related to the LTA! Please sign up today and be informed of when the forum goes online, simply follow this link!


17 Responses to Discussion Board

  1. David says:

    Have you checked the discussion board recently? πŸ™‚

  2. Michael says:

    Is there any specific clothing that you reccomend wearing for work offline please get in touch thanks.

  3. Austin says:

    I personally drive with a good suit from Perseus, it makes the bus look very professional!

  4. gta bus says:

    i think we need to get more routes – much longer ones. πŸ™‚

  5. kyle says:

    make a clan for the ps3 plz and a ploice clan for the xbox would be nice. and a lot more routes

  6. Shanden (SmartBus) says:

    SmartBus Drivers, while operating on our routes you must wear the following clothing

    Men: Grey coloured jacket with the black pants / dress shoes
    Women: Pending. Any ideas are welcome to be put forward.

  7. Alex Blundell says:

    How do get the bus

  8. Alex blundell says:

    Do drivers get metropasses for free or do you have to pay

  9. Johnathan Robinson says:

    I work for lta bus co. and my brother said can he join because he seen superviors and he really like it. And he got his drivers licences andhas no records. So im just asking can you give it to him because he wants to be a supervisor. And if you wanna know im a bus driver so thatnk you very much

  10. Thomaxz says:

    Does anyone know of Busstop locate in South of Alderny

    I found many Bus stop in Alderny City, Leftwood, Westdyke,
    Bechem an maybe one in acter, can eb this si also in Bercham.

    But found none in Tudor, Normandy, and Acter Industrial Park.

  11. Tim says:

    How can i join?

  12. 117operator says:

    Hi, I dont know where to post this, and the Discussion Board says its offline. I have found a slight route problem on the ’21-Star Junction’ and ‘704x-American Capitol’

    21-Star Junction:
    After passing Civilization Committee the route takes us west to Denver/Exeter Ave. via Manganese St. yet this is a 1-way street in the opposite direction. I propose that busses to be re-routed a little further north and cross over to D/E Ave. via Nickle St.

    704x-American Capitol:
    After the scheduled stop by Rotterdam Tower, the route goes onto Galveston Ave. then back onto Frankfort Ave. before stopping outside the Split Sides Comedy Club. However, the route is to go across Iron St. which is a 1-way road in the opposite direction, I propose to go further north and cross back onto frankforrt via Jade St. This though creates the problem of that busses cannot stop outside Split Sides, yet to resolve this, the stop could just be moved a little north to after the junction.

    Thanks, 117Operator

    • 117operator says:

      Hi, I have found another route problem, I am posting this up to help to refine the routes. This time its routte ’26a-Bismarck’

      26a-Bismarck (Northbound):
      You cannot travel north all the way up Bismarck Ave. in the first leg, to reach Grand Easton Stn. The reason is that Bismarck shifts over west slightly when you reach Emerald St. put the street is 1-way, therefore operators cannot pass it the way the route states. I propose that the 26a turn onto Emerald and travel to Albany Ave. befor heading again north and rejoining the currunt route be Grand Easton.

      Again thanks, 117Operator

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