Available Opportunities

Welcome to the Opportunities page!

This is where you will find out everything you need to know about applying to work at the Liberty Transit Authority, (LTA). Available opportunities will be listed below, if an opportunity is not listed below, the position is not available, but keep checking back as it may be offered in the coming days!

Transit Operator ~ When people think Liberty Transit Authority, they think of buses and subways. If you are interested in this kind of work, click the link to see the opportunities the LTA provides!

Supervisors ~ Are you the strong, management type? Well this may be the line of work for you! The LTA is always looking for Supervisors for it’s Transit operations. If you’re interested, click the link!

Mechanics & Technical Services ~ The department which in charge of the technical operation and maintenance of the LTA’s entire system. We are always looking for talented and motivated mechanics to work for the LTA.

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