Route 8 ~ Medical Express

Hey drivers,

In response to the high amount of 9-1-1 calls to the emergency dispatch center, the Liberty Transit Authority is working closely with the Liberty City Emergency Services (LCPD, FDLC, and MS Paramedics) to provide transportation from the busiest parts of Algonquin to the local hospitals. With MS Paramedics and FDLC responding to a rise in calls (up 14% from last year), patients who are able to make it to the hospital on their own power can use this service to transport themselves to the hospital for a lower cost than 9-1-1 services.

Route 8 ~ Medical Express will depart from the Bus Lane SATELLITE terminal (under the highway on Privateer Ave.). This route will depart every 15 minutes heading northbound on Albany Ave. to avoid much of the traffic which Liberty City is used to.

Drivers, please refer to the map for the designated stop points. It is highly imparitive that these are the only stops for this route. Patients traveling on the bus may need medical attention in a very timely manner.

Route 8 ~ Medical Express

Route 8 ~ Medical Express

Route 8 ~ Medical Express (Northbound)

Route 8 ~ Medical Express (Northbound)

Route 8 ~ Medical Express (Southbound)

Route 8 ~ Medical Express (Southbound)


2 Responses to Route 8 ~ Medical Express

  1. eydryan says:

    Love it that you also marked the bus stops! Wish people could get on the bus… If only we could talk to Rockstar…

  2. LCT says:

    This route is a welcome addition to the city of Liberty City. LCT is pleased that you continue to update your website with new routes. Keep it up!

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