Route 9 ~ Airport Express

Hey drivers,

Welcome to 2010! On behalf of the Liberty Transit Authority, we would like to thank all of our guests for their visits to the website and usage of our services. We had a great year in 2009 and hope to have a stronger year in 2010! To start things off, I am proud to introduce one of the routes which as been requested by a user of our community! We look forward to working with our community more and more during 2010, and this is a prime example of this!

The new route, Route 9 ~ Airport Express is exactly as it sounds,  an express route which connects Francis International Airport to the downtown area. The route starts from the FIA bus stop area in-front of the terminal building. Please park at the LAST spot where “City Shuttle 2” is listed to stop as “City Shuttle 1” is where Route 39 ~ Willis stops. At departure, simply follow the Algonqiun-Dukes Expressway, cross the Algonquin Bridge and make your way towards the Waterfront Bus Termial. Please note, THIS ROUTE DOES NOT GO TO BUS LANE. This route has a designated bus stop/shelters which are for this route specifically. To access this area, turn south on Bismarck, east on Jade St., south on Albany Ave., East on Emerald St., and south on Privateer Rd. At the end of Privateer Rd., there is a dedicated stop for this route. It is here where you would change your destination sign to state that you are returning to the airport.

This route is an express route, which states that you are not to make any other stops then the ones outlined by the yellow circles on the map. Stopping on this route removes the “express” aspect, where you are shuttled from one spot to the other as quickly as possible.

I hope you enjoy this route, if you have any suggestions please let us know on the forum!

Please click here for the map.

Route 9 ~ Airport Express
Route 9 ~ Airport Express
Route 9 ~ Airport Express

Route 9 ~ Airport Express


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