Route 70(A)(B)(L) ~ Schottler

Hey drivers,

I am having another busy period, but I have managed to create a few more routes. This first one which I will release early (unfortunately without a destination sign to accompany it) is going to be Route 70 ~ Schottler. This route is unique as there are two starting points. If you are going to start from the Broker Bus Terminal, you will operate 70B while if you are starting at the end of the hospital loop in Schottler, you will operate 70A or 70L, depending on which route you would like to drive.

Route 70A and 70B are full service, they will travel the entire neighbourhood’s distance, while 70L is like 339 Willis Local (attn, now numbered 39L) in the way which is simply serves a community without a terminal connection. 70L operates from the hospital loop ONLY. See the maps for details.

Destinations will follow shortly, keep checking back to the website!

Route 70(A) ~ Schottler

Route 70(A) ~ Schottler

Route 70(B) ~ Schottler

Route 70(B) ~ Schottler

Route 70(L) ~ Schottler Local

Route 70(L) ~ Schottler Local


2 Responses to Route 70(A)(B)(L) ~ Schottler

  1. Michael says:

    How much is the fee for A ?

  2. Austin says:

    Hey Michael,

    I am not sure what you are referring to. The content on this site is all free and open sourced, so there is no “fee” for use. If you are inquiring on the price for the passengers, please see the “Passenger Services” department.

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