Route 704X ~ American Capitol

Hey drivers,

Long time since the last update, so hopefully this will fill the void in your routes which you have been driving so well for the past few weeks. In honour of the 4th of July, which is Independence Day for the United States of America, the LTA is pleased to provide customers and visitors to our great land and city with the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of Liberty City onboard the comfort of an LTA bus! The route itself, Route 704X – American Capitol is numbered in honor of such date, 7 (month of July) and 04 (fourth day of the month)  speaks volumes about how much we here at the LTA care about the history of our great city and our great country.

This route will travel along the route shown on the map below, please note the orange dots which are affixed to the map stating where the only stops are made regarding this route. While operating this route, we have been given special permission by the LCPD to travel at a reduced rate of speed throughout the route to truely allow the passengers to experience the city as well as the opportunity to stop periodically at the pre-approved points for exploration of the national landmarks. The route will begin outside the Star Junction Police Station, convieniently located under the LCD displays which are sinonomous with Liberty City. Crowds may board the bus to the capacity of seats available (no standing passengers permitted). The route will then travel southbound first stop at Rotterdam Tower, continuing along to Broadway, Middle Park and the Rockefeller Center. Passengers will truely experience Liberty City and what it has to offer, at a great price… free for the entire day!

Drivers please note that this route will continue to operate past the 4th of July, only there will be a non-negotiable fee of $10.00/adult, $5.00/child per tour which can be purchased at the LTA wicket outside the LCPD station in Star Junction.

Hope you guys enjoy this route and Happy Independence Day!

Route 704X ~ American Capitol

Route 704X ~ American Capitol

Route 704X ~ American Capitol (Pre- and Post- July 4th)

Route 704X ~ American Capitol (Pre- and Post- July 4th) Route 704X ~ American Capitol (July 4th Sign)Route 704X ~ American Capitol (Pre- and Post- July 4th)


2 Responses to Route 704X ~ American Capitol

  1. Brok says:

    hey ah just anbit of info. IRON street is a one way street. opposite direction to the way the route travels.

  2. 117operator says:

    Yeah, I found out that Iron St. is one way too, you cannot turn east onto it from Galveston Ave. I propose that the buses to be re-routed up to Jade St. before coming accross to Frankfort Ave. Also the designated stop by Split Sides Comedy Club would have to be located just north of the junction, to allow drivers to navigate from Jade St. and not to block the junction.


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