Route 27 ~ Colony Island

Hey drivers,

This was a complete oversight on my part, a route which I had though was posted over a year ago (which I have been running all the time as a favorite of mine) and there it isn’t! Wow! Anyways, I would like to unveil the newest route connecting Algonquin, Route 27 ~ Colony Island is the connection from the Waterfront Bus Terminal to Colony Island. This route travels on the newly proposed exit plan from the Waterfront Bus Terminal, reducing the capacity which takes place on the local streets east of Albany Ave. Please note the direction which the bus travels, the blue line outlines Northbound to Charge Island, green outlining the south traveling route returning to the bus terminal.

This is a favorite of mine, enjoy!

Route 27 ~ Colony Island

Route 27 ~ Colony Island


One Response to Route 27 ~ Colony Island

  1. Jon Wills says:

    You could go all the way down President Avenue to another stop just by the graveyard and skyrail. Then continue on, and follow the road which turns right. Where cars make a U-TURN, there is a gap which leads into worksite. Continue straight on from going through the gap until you see 4 cylinders. There is a box next to them and in between another building. This box, however, is moveable, so just drive slowly while moving the box. You will see a gate, drive near it, and don’t avoid the red barrells…they won’t explode. Do not drive in the middle of the gates since there is an invisible pillar. Just continue through one gate, down the road and before you know it your on President Ave again. It only takes 20 seconds and saves having to back on yourself and adds another stop to the route

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