Route 10 ~ Freeway Express

Hey drivers,

This next route is of a brand new philosophy, using the freeways of Algonquin to better provide service to passengers. This route has been created to connect the Waterfront Bus Terminal with Northern Algonquin using less time and more speed. This route will depart from the Waterfront and go northbound on the Union Drive East Freeway, north following the express route until it exits to provide access to riders at Hematite Ave, near the Grand Easton Station. The route continues back on the highway northbound towards the end of Union Drive East, where it services the second and final stop at Bismarck Ave and Columbus Ave. This route has only TWO stops, be sure to follow the map carefully and change yuor destination sign when the colour changes on the map.


To access this map, please click here.

Route 10 ~ Freeway Express (Northbound)

Route 10 ~ Freeway Express (Northbound)

Route 10 ~ Freeway Express (Southbound)

Route 10 ~ Freeway Express (Southbound)


5 Responses to Route 10 ~ Freeway Express

  1. eydryan says:

    First of all I wanted to say that I love your website and it’s great you keep updating it.

    This route is pretty interesting even though it’s got few stops (too bad you can’t pick up people like in GTA2) but the flow is a bit annoying when you get off the freeway and get stuck in traffic.

    Anyway, love it and keep’em coming 🙂

    BTW what I didn’t see here is the 86 route that the buses in game have.

    Charters also rock but I’m surprised there’s no Airport-Grand Central Station route… (although paying toll is impossible from what I’ve heard)

    Anyway, get that forum up, I’m sure many of us have suggestions 🙂

  2. Austin says:

    Hey eydryan!

    Thanks for the great support for the site, i’ll keep updating as the months come! I think that there will be an extension to the current route which connects the airport further then Route 39 ~ Willis, but for now please check out the forum to help create the route!

  3. eydryan says:

    Hi there and thanks for the reply, I’ve all but forgotten about the website :)) I’ll subscribe to it so I don’t forget again.

    I’ll have a look around the forum soon enough.


  4. harry says:

    hello m8 are this just bus routes for fun and have you have made them up

    thanks gd website

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