Route 14 ~ Burlesque

Hey drivers,

Liberty City is world reknowned for the people and places it features. The LTA now wants to show off our fine city’s achievements in the artistic department creating a direct connection to Burlesque!

This new route, Route 14 ~ Broadway connects the Waterfront Bus Terminal with Burlesque, in Star Junction. This route will allow people from across the city to have a great time at the theatre while at the same time keeping them satisfied that there will always be a ride to pick them up, even if your evening featured alcahol.

This does however have restrictions. Since many of the shows which are playing on Burlesque occur at certain times, this means that the route will reflect the timing of each show, respectively. Since the first shows of the day begin at 13:00, this bus route will begin at 10:00 and since the last show is at 22:00, this route will end at 01:45.

Anyways, any questions, comments or concerns can be voiced in the comment box below. Enjoy!

To see this route, please click here!

Route 14 ~ Broadway (No Shows)

Route 14 ~ Broadway (No Shows)

Route 14 ~ Broadway (With Shows)

Route 14 ~ Broadway (With Shows)

Route 14 ~ Broadway (To Terminal)

Route 14 ~ Broadway (To Terminal)


2 Responses to Route 14 ~ Burlesque

  1. Brok says:

    is there a certain bus designated for these routes

  2. Nope, whichever bus you use is good for this route. They are all outfitted the same. Keep a watch out for my LTA bus guide which will be coming out sometime this week, where I will explain the two different buses which the LTA operates.

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