Route 43(A)(E) ~ Aspdin

Hey drivers,

Here’s another route! Sorry for the delay in posting new routes, I have been swamped with work, and some great new games have come out for the 360 in the past few weeks. *cough* Fable 2 & Mirror’s Edge *cough*. Anyways, this new route will feature a connection the western side of the city, connecting the Ferry Terminal with Aspdin Road in Alderney. This route has been split up into two separate routes. Route 43A ~ The standard route which is operated from 0930 – 1430 & 1930 – 0500 (non-rush hour) and Route 43E ~ rush hour route which operates between 0530 – 0917 & 1434 – 1926 (rush hour). This route is going to ease traffic levels on the current routes which are offered greatly, helping out the drivers and passengers who use the routes everyday. For more info, please consult the maps below.


Sorry for the inconvieniance, these maps are too large for this blog, so they are hosted on the websites image host, MajHost. Please click here for Route 43A and click here for Route 43E


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