Route 39L ~ Willis Local

Hey drivers,

This is a new route which will travel from the Broker Bus Terminal to Square Station in Willis, which is the transfer and route change for this route. The purpose of Route 339 is to connect the Willis community with the other bus lines, most notably Route 39 ~ Willis. Drivers please note, this is a local route, this means that you will NOT return to the Broker Bus Terminal following the route run, you will return instead to Square Station to start the loop again.

Now, this route is divided into three different segments;

39A ~ Broker Bus Terminal – Willis
39B ~ Square Station – Bluebound (Follow blue line)
39C ~ Square Station – Orangebound (Follow orange line)

39B&C do NOT return to the Broker Bus Terminal, their terminal is at Square Station.

One final note, this route features many stops which are benches with signs indicating stops, please look carefully for these stops as they are vital to connecting the community.

Please access this map directly from the image host, click here.

IMPORTANT: There is a vote on this route, please see the service updates page for more information.


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