Route 31 ~ Broker Wharf

Hey drivers,

As promised a long, long time ago, I am going to be uploading the wharf worker only, Route 31 ~ Broker Wharf. This route has been specifically designed for the Port Authority to transport wharf workers from the Broker Bus Terminal to the Broker Wharf. This route is used due to the absence of parking availability. This route  because it is only operable to workers at Broker Wharf will require that bus operators scan Wharf ID’s on entry to the bus. A printed manifest will be handed to the attendant at the entrance to the dock.



Route 31 ~ Broker Wharf

Route 31 ~ Broker Wharf


3 Responses to Route 31 ~ Broker Wharf

  1. LCT says:

    Is there a timestable for this route, or any others?

  2. LTA Services Manager says:

    RIght now, we don’t offer timetables for the routes posted. We are concentrating on route and map design. In the future, we may decide to add timetables, but right now there is no project which will include the timetables.

    Thanks for visiting, and keep checking back!

  3. shando says:

    RE: Timetable…

    Timetables might not work as the game time is not ‘real-time’ and working out timetables might not work.

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