Route 28 ~ University

Hey drivers,

I am very pleased to introduce to everyone the brand new ‘Twenty-Eight’ series of routes, brought to you by the City of Liberty, Education Coalition of Liberty City, and the Liberty Transit Authority. The new Twenty-Eight series route, displayed as Route 28 ~ University, will transport students from University at Liberty (U@L) to various different residences, neighborhoods, and bus terminals. These routes will provide students with the connections which will allow them to get more out of their education and time in Liberty City. Below are descriptions for each of the Twenty-Eight series of routes;

Route 28A ~ Serves Galveston & Frankfort Ave’s. between Obsidian and Xenotime St’s.
Route 28B ~ Serves Galveston Ave, Xenotime and Wardite St’s, and Vespucci Circus
Route 28C ~ Serves Topaz St, Columbus and Albany Ave’s. between Topaz & Nickel St’s.
Route 28D ~ Serves the Alderney Ferry Terminal from directly from the University and Varsity Heights area.
Route 28E ~ Express which connects U@L to the Waterfront Bus Terminal. This route makes no stops in between the terminals.
Route 28N* ~ Serves local Varsity Heights area, with the exception that the bus will stop at any desired point on the route, including bus stops.

*Please make note of the update which has been made to Route 28N by viewing the new map which is linked to the name.


3 Responses to Route 28 ~ University

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  2. Felix says:

    Is route 28 are only for students or anyone can take it? if anyone can take it, is there an extra fee or a reduction for students

    and where exactly is located U@L

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Brok says:

    The U@L is south of Topaz st. maybe it should be students FREE because of their i think an extra $5 fare for non students. STUDENTS should also be given a card?

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