Route 24 ~ Chinatown

Hey drivers,

I firstly have to apologize, it has been quite a while since I have updated the site with new routes, and since I have been working on the schedules and routes list. I will make sure to get it up and running by the beginning of next week. I am happy to inform everyone that the Current Routes & Charters page has been posted!

As for the new route which is being posted, I would like to introduce Route 22 ~ Chinatown! This is a dedicated route which will cater to Chinatown from the Waterfront Bus Terminal. The route will operate around the clock, connecting lower parts of Algonquin to the major bus terminal. This route is to be expanded to twice the frequency during the Chinese New Year celebrations, but that will be announced when the upshift is necessary.

I hope you guys enjoy this one! It’s quick, but serves a vital community. As always, please contact the site through the Guestbook if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!


Route 24 ~ Chinatown

Route 24 ~ Chinatown


One Response to Route 24 ~ Chinatown

  1. liam underwood says:

    where does this route terminate?

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