Route 12(A)(E) ~ Columbus (Hybrid)

Hey drivers,

In accordance with the Hybrid program, one of our most heavilly travelled routes, Route 12 ~ Columbus, has been altered to adhere to the new system. Route 12 now will have two streams, 12A and 12E. 12A is the new Hybrid route, which will travel to the Waterfront Bus Terminal and connect Columbus Ave. much the same as it was previously before the Hybrid program. 12E, the existing route will allow the busiest route to connect to Star Junction, as it did before. Please make sure you input the correct route into your direction sign when doing the respective route!



Route 12A ~ Columbus (Hybrid)

Route 12A ~ Columbus (Hybrid)


Route 12E ~ Columbus

Route 12E ~ Columbus


One Response to Route 12(A)(E) ~ Columbus (Hybrid)

  1. clacla271 says:

    hey guys
    i found your site by chance and drove some routes u made
    well first of all your idea es awesome =D
    unfortunately you cant mod the destination signs in gta iv
    anyways, there is a mistake in route 12A: Lorimar St is a one way street westbound, so u cannot use it in both directions

    but still i love this site ^^

    have a nice day,

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