Route 23 ~ Vespucci Circus

Hey drivers,

This is a pilot project on this next route, introducing a new terminal of sorts. Route 23 ~ Vespucci Circus travels up Frankfort Ave, and over throughout the Vespucci Circus loop. Completing this, the bus will travel south on Frankfort Ave. until you arrive at Uranium St. Make a right on Uranium St, and a right on Galveston Ave. And then a quick right on Vauxite St. and another quick right into the Hospital loading zone. This is another stop, where the new pilot terminal will be. Once you have loaded and unloaded your passengers at the hospital, you will make a right on Frankfort, and continue south until you arrive at Star Junction. So, the first time you go south on Frankfort you will turn into the hospital, the second time you turn South, continue towards Star Junction. Also note that this route does not operate between 2200 – 0500. This is due to safety and security issues at Vespucci Circus.

Hope you guys enjoy this one, please leave me some comments on how it works out.


Route 23 ~ Vespucci Circus

Route 23 ~ Vespucci Circus


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