Route 117 ~ Docklands

Hey drivers!

I haven’t updated the site in a while, but I have noticed some favorable numbers from the stats bar in the Dashboard, which indicates interest! I’m so happy that you guys are stopping by, but please leave some comments, they are always welcome and can spark some awesome discussion!

Anyways, without further rambling, here is the newest route to be introduced, Route 117 ~ Docklands. This route is similar to the route which operates to the Broker Shipyard, it is for employees of the companies or Port Authority. The route begins at the Alderney Ship Terminal and continues towards Port Tudor. This route features stop bubbles to indicate where the bus stops on both the entrance and exit routes from Port Tudor. I hope you guys enjoy this one!


Route 117 ~ Docklands

Route 117 ~ Docklands


2 Responses to Route 117 ~ Docklands

  1. [Name Removed] says:

    Awsome route but i cant read the map well

  2. 117operator says:

    cool, i like this route, going to be using it as my main route (my name tells all)

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