New Website:

Good evening everyone,

Thank you for continuing to visit the Liberty Transit Authority website over the past few years, your contributions and visits have made the site highly successful and a joy to work on. However, it has come to a time where change has to occur. This website,, has outgrown itself, and as a result it will be moving to a new name and new style.

As I am sure many of you know, there has been a new website which has been in the testing phases called the LTADB (Liberty Transit Authority Database). At first, only select people were given access to the website and as a result there was a favourable rating to the new style. As a result, between April 23rd and May 1st, 2011 the uncompleted website was opened to the public. When it was opened, feedback forms were set up for people to vote on various aspects of both websites. As a result of the polling, there was a strong majority which stated that the new website was preferable to the old website. Therefore, all content will be moved to the new URL and new website. Below are some popular Q&A’s about this process.

Q: What is going to happen to the URL

A: While this website will no longer be updated, it will remain in the LTA’s portfolio. This is a strong piece of real estate and we are not prepared to give it up. Who knows, one day it may come back as another service, but at this time it will no longer be updated and will link all guests who arrive at the site to the new website:

Q: Why did you choose the URL

A: There are many reasons why we went with the shortened LTADB. Firstly, is unavailable, and while preferred for the URL it could not be secured. Secondly, one of the most frustrating things is a long URL to type in. Thanks to this, the address is short and to the point. Thirdly, the original website was all over the place. It was meant to be a “customer” portal which people who drive buses could get information from but then turned into a “driver” centric operation. The LTADB is a completely driver centric operation; there are no consumer operations and is not geared to a NPC.

Q: Why do I have to type in “” after LTADB or libertytransitauthority part of the address?

A: This website is free to use and more importantly for me is free to run. The website is courtesy of WordPress, the domain name is courtesy of WordPress as is the hosting and the tools which I use to create the website. In the future, I may purchase a domain name in the future and add it to the service at a cost to myself but at this time I will keep running the site as a free venture for everyone.

Q: Will anything change with my experience at the LTA websites?

A: Yes. The organization is the one very important thing which will change. The original website was a crazy mess of information, sometimes it was very difficult to find. Now, the organization is a top priority being filed under “pages” instead of posts. No longer will the page have to load the most recent 100 “posts” which can be very slow. Now you can navigate the new website through pages which are much more organized.

Q: Where can I see the results of the polls?

A: Feedback results can be found here under the new LTADB feedback tab.

Q: How can I access the new website?

A: You can access the new website at Please update your bookmarks!


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